Our Application Process

Before consideration, the Veteran must complete the application in its entirety.

Submitting an incomplete application will result in your application being put at the end of our wait list!

We apologize for this, but we are a small organization of only a handful of volunteers. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to take the time required to handle incomplete applications. Incomplete application submissions slow down the application processing time, and it makes the wait time longer for everyone.

To qualify, you must be able to answer YES to all of these questions:

  • Are you a Combat Veteran?
  • Do you have PTSD and/or TBI?
  • Can you financially afford to care for a dog?
  • Will your doctor provide you with a letter stating your medical need for a service dog?
  • Can you cover your own travel expenses to pick up the dog and stay for training?
  • Can you attend a 2 consecutive weeks training course?
  • Have you read and agreed to our full terms and conditions?

Items required to submit with your application:

  1. Copy of signed letter, on a doctor's letterhead, from your diagnosing physician
    This letter must come from a physician and not a counselor or social worker. This letter must state that your physician recommends a service animal to help mitigate your disability, and not a therapy animal or emotional support animal.
  2. Copy of your driver's license
  3. Copy of your DD-214 or 60-day letter
    You must be retired or honorably discharged, or within 60 days of being retired or honorably discharged. This is due to the time requirements of our training process.
  4. Last three household pay stubs or bank statements showing direct deposit
    This verifies that you have the financial capability to care for a service dog, including being able to cover the costs of monthly food, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention, veterinary care, etc...
  5. Photos of the inside and outside of your residense
    This is used for the dog selection process.
  6. Completed, in its entirety, the background check paperwork provided in the application for yourself and any family members or friends you plan to bring with you to receive your dog.
    You will be required to attend your service dog's graduation at the prison where we train all of our service dogs, and this is where you will be presented with your service dog. The Department of Corrections​ requires that everyone entering the prison have a completed background check. All of our staff, board members, and volunteers are also required to complete this paperwork to enter the prison.

Once approved:

You will be notified within six months from the time that you submit your application on whether or not it has been approved. Once your application has been approved, the wait time for a service dog could be an additional six months to one year because all our dogs are fully trained prior to being placed with a Veteran.

Additionally, you will also be required to:

  • Attend a two week training course at our location in Florida immediately upon receiving your service dog.
  • Attend a one week training course between six months and one year after you have received your service dog at our location in Florida for follow-up, testing, and graduation.
  • Submit monthly videos as well as phone and web conferencing for up to one year.

Download the Application Documents

Be sure to print, complete, and sign (where applicable) all forms provided below. Mail or fax the forms to the following:

63 Ocean Blvd.
Satellite Beach, FL 32937
Fax: (321) 425-4183

Before you can download the application documents, please check the box below:

I have read all the information on this page, and I agree with all terms and conditions that apply.