Make a Difference!

Help Paws for Veterans in our ongoing mission to provide service dogs to our Veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

Expense Breakdown

What does it cost to train our dogs and provide them at no cost to our Veterans?

Veteran Service Dog

Per service dog/veteran team
Dog food (during training + Veteran's initial bag) $300
Veterinarian (shots, spay, neuter, exam, etc.) $350
Training and board $7500
Flea and tick prevention $60
Heartworm prevention $72
Total $8282

Veteran Service Dog Supplies

Per service dog/veteran team
Service vest and patches $60
IDs $20
Handbook and Care Guide $10
Leash $35
Collar $20
Tag $8
Toys $25
Total $178

Administrative Expenses

Per month
Office rent $1175
Phone/Fax lines and internet $120
Website domain and hosting $50
Brochures $64
Business cards $10
Utilities (electricy/water) $60
Total $1479

Overall Total Cost Per Veteran/Service Dog Team: $9939

Program expenses: 85%
Administrative expenses: 15%

Currently we provide at least 12 fully trained service dogs to Veterans per year plus numerous emotional support animals